Monday, September 15, 2008

Samoa Islands

Samoa Islands is a place where people live like Indians and worship the land they come from. When we first arrived in Samoa, we headed to the furthest place away from the airport. We found these amazing beach fales (huts) right on the beach where we played endless card games of Uno and listened to the waves crash while watching the constellations pass over our heads. There is not much to do in Samoa as far as activities go. Taylor, Halen, and I brought our own snorkel and we pretty much swam with some of the most tropical fish I'd ever seen. We snorkeled everyday until we headed to the town of Apia.

While in Apia, we were on a mission to find some hot traveling chicks that were looking for some hot traveling guys. The Samoan girls weren't cuttin it so we headed to the bars and clubs. The first night out we found about 10 girls from England that were in Samoa doing medical work for school. Doctors... that means lots of money, show me the money sugar mamma. After a few failed attempts we called it a night. The next night out was pretty interesting. Taylor couldn't get into the club because his shorts were too high, and the bouncer said that it wasn't fair for everyone else. (Don't ask me why his shorts didn't meet male dress code requirements). As we left and sat at the next bar, we suddenly felt a spray fall upon us, but mostly Halen. We then took a whiff of the air and realized that it was puke from the guy up on the balcony. Halen had spew all over his shirt and shorts while the rest of us had some sprayage on our arms and beer. We left immediately to take showers and to call it another night.

Then next day we followed some medical girls across the fairy to another lush Island. Looking like the creepy American guys, they opened their arms to us and we spent the next four days with four girls from London with raging English accents. We went to a beautiful surf resort and had the time of our lives. Watching the stars, playing pool and ping pong, drinking local beer and vodka, we were definitely putting off the spring break vibe that was needed in Samoa. After missing our flight to New Zealand by ten hours, we left the Spice Girls with broken hearts and hugs. We had the best time with this bunch and it was definitely icing on the cake.

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