Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Zealand - North Island

New Zealand was pretty trick. The weather was completely different from Samoa since it was the end of New Zealand’s winter. Since I hate cold weather, (unless I'm wearing tube socks watching a movie and snuggling around a fire with a lucky young girl) I wasn't sure how the New Zealand trip was going to turn out. The first day was beautiful; Taylor did his Yoga on the beach and rode beach cruisers while Halen and I went surfing in 58 degree water. I loved it! There was just something about being in the dark blue New Zealand water, staring out to different Islands, sitting on a board, and making peepee in my wet suit.

After staying a few days at Halen's friend's house, we decided to rent a camper van and explore the country. We had a pretty small van and the sleeping situation was a little too close for our comfort. Accide
ntal night groping was not in the cards for us. Other than that, the country was beautiful with mountains, beaches, and baby lambs running and playing around. The baby lambs are probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen. We wanted to grab one and put it in our camping van for snuggling purposes.

We also did an under water cave tour that was filled with glow worms. If you do not know what glow worms are, I suggest you "google it" or rent an episode of Planet Earth. Being in an underwater cave for 4 hours and staring at thousands of glow worms wasn't too bad. For a second, I felt like I was a Goonie, swimming through different tunnels and climbing up cave waterf
alls. If you do not know what a Goonie is, I suggest you "google it" or watch the Goonies.

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