Saturday, August 23, 2008

Costa Rica

Wow! I don't even know where to start. I just spent almost three weeks in Nosara, Costa Rica.
My friend Halen had a house there, so I decided with a few others to spend some time down there as an appetizer to my trip.

The first day in Costa Rica was amazing!! We woke up early, surfed, ate lunch, then back out to surf. It started raining while we were sitting out on our boards, and it was just perfect to relax and stare out towards the jungle to see the mist come down. Everything was so green and lush. After the rain stopped, we enjoyed a picture perfect sunset while sipping on some Imperials (beer) and just taking it all in. I was thinking "wow, I'm in Costa Rica straight up living the dream." That night we returned to the beach (with our Imperials) to watch an amazing lightning storm. I had never seen anything like it. We hardly spoke and we just sat in silence amazed to what we were seeing. Speechless!!

During the rest of the trip, five of us met up with 4 more at the Arenal Volcano. While swimming in the natural sulfur hot springs, we watched the lava glow from the volcano. We then hopped in our mini van with a local and got a close view of "liquid hot magma" flowing down. You could see giant lava rocks being launched into the air and tumbling down.

After the four Austinites left the country, the "Jungle Five" continued our journey around Costa Rica. We went to a town called Montezuma where we jumped off a 50 foot waterfall followed by two other 50 foot waterfalls. That night, as the girls got ready for dinner, I laid in a hammock, watched the spider monkeys jump around me, thanked the bats for eating the mosquitos, and just listened to the ocean while swaying in the jungle. I never wanted to return home.

So the appetizer trip was perfect, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. We surfed everyday, watched the sunset from either the ocean or a mountain top dinner, searched for the best beaches, traveled with the best group of friends ever, drowned ourselves in smoothies, and lived "Pura Vida."


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! and miss the jungle 5 more than anything, be safe, i know you'll have the time of your life!

darenw said...

I want to fight you.



Ali Mac said...

I miss Costa! Your pictures are great. Im jealous. My camera was stolen 2 days before I left, so I dont have anything but my memories.
~Pura Vida!~


Brent said...

What was the name of the place you guys were staying at in Costa Rica? The one in the pictures where you guys are swimming in the lagoon and the houses are right on the water.