Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Thailand was extremely beautiful, but it was the first place that I really didn't feel myself in. Amongst the beautiful beaches and emotional landscapes, Thailand was saturated with spring breakers, tourists, and guidos. It was a great experience, but I never see myself going back. Completely overrated.

While in Thailand, I spent most of my time Island hopping and meeting up with people that I had met in Vietnam and Cambodia. We took motorbikes and explored the Islands for the best beaches and snorkeling spots. Taylor and I split up for a few weeks, but we seemed to follow each others foot steps by falling in love with two Swedish girls. Vise/Versa...I hope.lol After we parted ways with our women, Taylor met me and some friends on the Island of Ko Phi Phi for a two hour Frisbee session while watching the Thail sunset.

I was really fascinated being on Ko Phi Phi because that was the hardest area hit in Thailand from the 2004 Tsunami. I often sat on the beach and envisioned what had happened. I even read a book about the Tsunami and I've decided to extend my trip to volunteer my time for one month in Sumatra, Indonesia to help out with the victims.

One morning on Ko Phi Phi, Taylor, Mike, and I decided to wake up at 6:30am, rent a long tail boat, and to be the first people on the Island of Maya Bay. Maya Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the word and its where the movie "The Beach" was filmed with Leonardo DiCaprio.
While snorkeling in the clearest water, we found ourselves swimming with three baby reef tip sharks. Completely harmless to humans, we watched them feed on a school of fish two feet away. As we continued our swim, I came across a five foot reef shark three feet from my face. I had never been in the water with sharks before, and seeing one up close and personal freaked me out. I didn't know if it was the mother and I was about to be legless, armless, footless, ...the list goes on, and you know where I'm going with this.

Off to Malaysia

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